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At AXT, we specialise in providing professional services to businesses in the property and construction industry.

As experts in this field, we understand that the industry faces its own unique pressures and financial challenges.

We can help set your business on the road to success!

We assist many businesses in the industry, including buy-to-let investors, developers, construction companies, surveyors and new start-up companies.

We can help with all of your financial needs, from accounting and bookkeeping, to managing cashflow, running payroll, raising finance, preparing your accounts and returns, and complying with the rigours of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Our advisors can also help with project management and portfolio planning.

Our team can help you to navigate the requirements of CIS, assisting with such areas as making payments and getting paid, compiling and submitting contractor returns and records, and advising you on business changes that need to be reported.

Property ownership also has a number of specific tax implications, and having an effective property tax plan in place is crucial.

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Our expert advisors will offer proactive tax planning strategies to help minimise your tax bill. As experienced tax advisors, we can help you to minimise your exposure to property taxes, while making use of allowable expenses and claiming any reliefs that are available to you.

For tailored advice on managing your business and growing your investments, please contact our team today.

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